We are bringing our 33 years of experience to Canada by designing our brand Chef Potato. We have developed our concept as a result of the years long market investigations conducted by our team. We have conducted the research and development process by taking into consideration each age category and each eating habit, and wanted to present you a brand new, delicious, and healthy Alternative.

We have reinterpreted one of the best presentations of the potato; jacket potato, and offered various options such as beef, chicken, fish, vegan and vegetarian and also kept in mind our guests’ budget when it comes to our price policy. Our management team desires to grow Chef Potato brand quickly with a solid infrastructure.

Our goal is to have more branches by franchising. In order to achieve this goal, we are still conducting the required teamwork diligently. We have started our operations in Toronto and our biggest desire is to have our first branch in Ontario and then in the other states. Our team is working relentlessly in order to succeed in the name of our brand. We hope that you like this new concept and unique taste.

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